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AC Mitigation – Part No. 2   What can be done to avoid stray currents? Methods & Equipment __________________________________________________________________________________ Electricity plays a vital part in our daily life. To Imagine life without it is unthinkable today. In certain cases, electric current can stray away from its intended path and can flow in unintended circuits and

AC Mitigation – PART 1

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AC Mitigation - PART 1
Are you affected by Stray Currents? What is AC Mitigation? How do you protect your assets? Over the years, Corrosion specialists have increasingly devoted resources to understand, detect and control induced AC Corrosion. AC interference has become more of a concern today due to the frequency at which pipelines and High Voltage AC power systems

Cathodic Remote Monitoring

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Cathodic Remote Monitoring Monitoring and keeping control of your Rectifier Units is an important part of running a successful Cathodic Protection System. Monitoring your CP Rectifier and being aware of your unit’s status can prevent system failures.  In today’s technology phones and tablets have become an important tool in the workplace, not only can you

Solar Powered Rectifier

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Innovation at its finest Solar Powered Rectifier As a Cathodic Protection company we deal with many different enquiries, some easier and some more difficult than others and yet all unique in their own way. In June 2015, one of our clients encountered a situation that they had no solution for. Theft of infrastructure kept recurring
With over 25 years in the industry, we have the experience and knowledge to offer you the best in Cathodic Protection Solutions. We supply and distribute locally and internationally and focus on being world class leader in the field of Cathodic Protection. Cathtect Engineering strives for excellence. Building professional relationships and giving clients Quality Service,
Portable TRU - Cathodic Protection, No matter where you are.
A Portable TRU is used as a temporary power source of DC Current for Cathodic Protection. CP Surveys are a daily routine to ensure that a CP System is working accurately & to gather valuable information. At times it can be a difficult task as some survey equipment demand a power supply, to be temporarily
At Cathtect Engineering we understand the importance of keeping your equipment safe and protected, especially in high-risk areas where vandalism & theft is a common occurrence. With Cathtect’s Concrete Bunker we know that your equipment will be well protected.  Not only is our Bunker manufactured utilizing high-quality materials with a minimum 30mPa re-enforced concrete, providing
Cathodic Protection Example of Corrosion
What Is Cathodic Protection? Cathodic protection is a renowned and effective technique that is used to prevent the Corrosion and deterioration of metals; it is used to protect industrial equipment and structures such as steel, water pipelines, storage tanks, oil platforms and ships. Corrosion occurs in structures that are located underground and are exposed to
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Solid State De-couplers The Solid State De-coupler (SSD) functions as a DC voltage level clamping device in buried pipeline and storage tank systems. It can, at the same time, mitigate AC voltage. This feature allows up to 15A AC induced current to pass and prevents the flow of DC current while the DC voltage remains
Rectifier Units
Our World Class Range of Rectifier Units. Cathtect Engineering (Pty) Ltd offers the complete solution to the corrosion problem, by providing quality products and professional solutions throughout the Cathodic Protection spectrum. Cathtect is a technical market leader in its field and has intellectual capital that surpasses its competitors. We have successfully Designed, Supplied & Installed