3 Way Cable Joint Kit



3 Way Cable Joint Kit

3 Way Cable Joint Kit is an effective way to connect cables, ensuring that the connection will be durable & long lasting, more effective than other alternative methods.


The New Concept in Resin Filled Jointing

* Available in straight & branch formats

* Suitable for voltages up to 3.6kV

* Easy to install, click together moulds

* Fully insulate mechanical connectors up to 120mm

* Other mechanical connectors up to 400mm

* Complete range of joints from 0.75mm – 400mm

* Suitable for single & multicore polymeric & paper cables both standard & sold copper/aluminum connectors


Polyurethane Resin System

* No Wastage, each cable joint kit comes with a pre-determined pack size or combination of packs to suit the size of cable joint.

* No Mess easy to use – mix in the bags system.

* Pre-filled packs ensure the correct mix ratio each time.