EXFS Rated Spark Gaps



EXFS Rated Spark Gaps

EXFS Rated Spark Gaps are used when electrically conducted parts of installation cannot directly be interconnected in hazardous areas.

As in the case of a cathodic protected pipeline sections form an arc in an altered (gas filled) closed environment when a preset voltage threshold is reached.

Significant current and voltage relative to the conduction threshold are required to maintain the arc, therefore if the device is not hermetically sealed the characteristics of the device will fluctuate with climatic changes.

Typical discharge currents are;

  • 50kA
  • 100kA

Please be advised, that gas discharge devices cannot accommodate an indefinite number of discharges.

Most discharge devices can only cope with 1 (one) 100kA discharge before the characteristics of the device are irreversibly altered through repetitive discharge.


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